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About Boris Mann

Carnivore. Infovore.

I am a technologist who has progressively moved more into the business, product, and marketing side of things.

I’ve never been paid to code, but tinker with new technologies as part of relying on my technical background to help build bridges and explain technology through the lens of business and marketing.

As part of my move back to Vancouver in 2004, I became part of the renaissance of Vancouver’s web & entrepreneurial community. I was part of the early growth of Web 2.0, including open source, blogging, and the emergence of social media.

More recently, I have become an expert in some of the mechanics of private capital investing in tech startups at the angel and seed VC stage. My article on the Stages of Early Stage Tech Investing is a good starting point. More broadly, I am interested in the challenge of growing startup/innovative/novel businesses in Canada, and how to improve this.

I strive to align my personal interests – working with smart people on great projects that involve people-centric technology – with what I do for work. My work-life balance tends to come from making sure that I am involved in mission-driven enterprises that I can get behind and champion.

Aside from my interest in technology, I live in Vancouver & I like food. You can find more personal interests on my link blog »

Mission & Availability

Technical tinkerer who likes helping to build & advise companies. Product thinker who likes what’s next. Community agitator.

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I am currently available for speaking, workshops, or consulting services.


Boris has been active in the Vancouver startup ecosystem for over a decade. His first local startup was Bryght, the first commercial Drupal company. He then went on to co-found Bootup Labs, the first startup accelerator in Canada.

With Lance Tracey he ran Full Stack, an angel-stage investment firm that was one of the most active funds in the country, pioneering standardized term sheets for Canada and experimenting with the foundry style of investing.

Boris co-founded HUMAN, a product design studio using emerging technology to solve problems for business. The firm’s area of focus includes wearables, virtual reality, and augmented reality.

Boris holds a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Victoria, where he went after a coin flip made him choose between university and becoming a professional chef.

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