Special Projects, Events, and Associations

I’ve been involved with and started a number of organizations over the years. Below is an overview of my current and past involvement.

Current Projects

Open Angel Canada

Lead Organizer / Founding Director, 2014 - Present

Open Angel Canada is an organization dedicated to connecting founders & funders to facilitate private capital funding of early-stage technology companies in Canada. There are very few angel pitch events in Canada that are not pay to pitch. Open Angel Canada is going to be running events through different chapters and cities across Canada, while also providing a platform that modern investors can connect and coordinate across Canada.

I am dedicated to growing private-capital investing in Canada at the “first cheque” stage, and the main impact of Open Angel Canada is to have our events lead to more cheques written.

With Ed Levinson, this was formed into a BC non-profit society in the fall of 2015.


Project Lead, 2013 - Present

WeAreYVR is a community hub for tech startups in Vancouver. I am passionate about the Vancouver and Canadian startup ecosystems, and WeAreYVR is a project to aggregate information and help the community connect with each other. Visit the WeAreYVR about page »

It is built upon principles of open source and open data. The code base is available for any region or community to build upon, see PixelCrafters GitHub for more details »

Past Involvement


Lead Organizer, 2012 - 2016

PixelCrafters is a community brand that helps organize the early-stage web startup community in Vancouver. It evolved out of the Bootup Entrepreneurial Society and the Vancouver Tech Co-Founders Meetup. The meetup group of over 2500 entrepreneurs is what is used to help promote events of interest to the Vancouver community.

As of April 2016, Launch Academy now runs the Meetup group.

StartupWeek Vancouver

Founding Organizer, 2014

StartupWeek is a week long celebration of local startup ecosystems. It was started by Andrew Hyde in Boulder, and is now being rolled out through UP Global. I am on the organizing committee for the first StartupWeek Vancouver, scheduled for November 14 - 21st, 2004 »

Polyglot Conference

Founding Organizer, 2012

The Polyglot Conference is a developer-focused unconference started in Vancouver, BC. I was a founding organizer, and a founding director of the non-profit Polyglot Software Association which was created to run the conference and related events.

I helped to organize the first 2012 event and the 2013 event.

DemoCamp Vancouver

Organizer, 2007 - 2009

DemoCamp Vancouver was inspired by David Crow’s work in Toronto running DemoCamp Toronto. It has gone through a variety of incarnations and organizers over the years.


Organizer, 2005 (Amsterdam), 2006-2010 (Vancouver), 2007 (Brussels)

I helped organize the second BarCamp ever, BarCamp Amsterdam. I went on to help organize BarCamp Brussels and eventually came back and helped run BarCamp Vancouver.

Drupal Association

Founding Director, 2007

I was one of the founding directors of the Drupal Association, and helped organize many of the early Drupalcon events. I have a long history with the project, having founded Bryght, the first commercial company providing services around Drupal.

Northern Voice

Founding Organizer, 2005 - 2008

Northern Voice was Canada’s first blogging conference. I was a founding organizer and helped form the Northern Voice non-profit society. I’m thrilled that it has a Wikipedia entry.