Recommended resources, from service providers to SaaS apps. Need a recommendation? Contact me!

Vancouver Lawyers

  • Justin Young (Osler): Worked with him at Full Stack, developed standardized term sheets & Canadian syndicates [visit »]
  • Mark Longo (Osler): Startup Lawyer, represents many portfolio companies [visit »]
  • Gal Smolar (MLT): International experience, works with both investors & funds and as startup counsel [visit »]
  • James Smith (LaBarge Weinstein): The original startup counsel in Vancouver. [visit »]

  • Vancouver Service Providers

  • Blankslate Partners: Outsourced talent consulting for rapidly growing companies - recruiting, HR, immigration and training. [visit »]
  • Mike Kerfoot (Sprout Accounting): Accountant who specializes in using Xero and other tech tools to serve digital companies and their finance needs. You don't need book keeping, you need better tools, process, and automation. [visit »]
  • Derek May (HUB International): Insurance broker that specializes in working with tech companies. [visit »]
  • Matt Carlson (Colliers): Commercial real estate broker who understands tech [visit »]

  • Drupal Development

  • Affinity Bridge: Drupal development agency [visit »]
  • The Jibe: Ecommerce & Drupal specialists [visit »]

  • Product & Prototype Agencies

  • Viral Foundry: Kenny and the Viral Foundry team are accomplished mobile marketers and great at building prototypes and 1.0 versions of products and getting them launched. Distributed team, originally from Vancouver, expertise in SE Asia. [visit »]

  • Collaboration

  • Quip: I use Quip as my personal note-taking tool as well as for team collaboration around docs. For me, replaces Google Drive except for a few complicated spreadsheets. Plays nicely with Slack. [visit »]

  • SaaS

  • Highrise CRM: A CRM that's great for personal usage. [visit »]

  • Hosting & Infrastructure

  • Deploybot: Simple automation tool to help deploy to different servers and services. It's what I use to deploy this site to Amazon S3. [visit »]

  • Product

  • Intercom: An all in one tool that is still my number one recommendation for early stage startups to use to instrument their digital products with. Gives you user support, feedback, drip email, and product metrics that lets non-technical users engage with the real humans that use your product. [visit »]