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I am currently available for project-based or monthly retainers. Please contact me to start the discussion.

Selected Work Experience

  • COO HUMAN, a product design studio working on hardware (wearables, IOT) and virtual reality (VR, AR, MR)
  • Managing Partner Full Stack, an early stage investment fund, made 9 investments in 18 months
  • Co-founder Bootup Labs, Canada’s first startup accelerator

Business & Product Design

A 2 - 3 day workshop that is focused on either product or business discovery.

For product, the focus is on customer development, and identify next steps to validate hypotheses and customer needs, leading to prioritizing product features.

For business, we plan out the next 12 months of your company, from budgeting to hiring to funding, and produce budgets, investor decks, and a plan to hire the right people.

Product Metrics

What are your product metrics? The Pirate Metrics framework of Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue, Referral forms the basis for analyzing your web, mobile, or connected hardware experience.

I’ll sit down with your product/business/sales team and define the goals for your particular app, as well as review drip email and other communications to see how you’re engaging with your users.

Then, I’ll work with your technical team to implement tracking and analytics so that you get real-time reports and insight into your user activity, what’s working in your product, and what isn’t.


I’ve founded and run a number of different companies, working across Business, Marketing, and Operations.

I can join your team and help to create, scale, and operationalize a part of your business.

Community Outreach, Developer Relations, Social Recruiting, Finance & Accounting, or Internal Communications are some of the areas where I can add value.

Technical tinkerer who likes helping to build & advise companies. Product thinker who likes what’s next. Community agitator.
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